I am located in the beautiful mountains of North Central Pennsylvania. I have three wonderful kids and a loving husband. In my spare time I play blocker for the Dirt Road Dears, my Roller Derby team (yes, you read that right!). I enjoy living a simple life; canning, snuggling with my two Golden Retrievers, spending time with my family. I started taking photos in 2003 as a fun hobby. After my boys were born, I dove into teaching myself the ins and out of the craft. I spent countless hours with a camera in my hand, documenting everything my boys did, and even managed to get some friends in front of my camera. My hobby turned into a full-time business. Throughout the last 16 years I have photographed hundreds of families and shot well over 150 weddings. I feel fortunate to be able to pursue my passion as my profession.

All sessions are done at a location you choose. We can meet at a local lake, your family’s farm, or in your home. I have been on golf carts, ATVs, hiked, jumped across streams and tromped through mud to access those special locations. Whatever it takes to make the vision you have for your session come true!

Message me to schedule your wedding consultation or book your next family session. I look forward to meeting you!